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I have just qualified after studying at Kingston Mauward college in Dorset and I have two gardens I look after & a couple that require a design and I have started helping a fellow gardener with some of her work. What I find difficult is pricing up work. Does anyone have an easy formula for doing this?



ring around a few other professionals asking what their hourly rates are. this will give you an indication of what is the local going rate.
There are several professional gardeners/designers on here. they may be able to help.
congrats on quailifying too :o)

25 Mar, 2013


I am not a professional but I joined a group in LinkedIn

A similar question was asked and an American answered:

"If I was doing an install (design and installation), I charged what my bare minimum would be to break even and then add about 25 per cent for profit. Basically lump sum.
2. For renovating a yard, I would also add the cost of hiring someone if it was a big job and depending on the time it would take, I would either charge by the day if at least 4 hours or by the hour if less than 4.
3. Monthly maintenance was a set fee.
4. If while doing maintenance or installation and the client wanted to be taught at the same time I added to the fee.
5. Consultations on what to do with a site or hiring gardeners were a set fee.

For plants and other materials that were required I opted after having a resale license once to just have the client pay for the items and I would charge for my time."

25 Mar, 2013


I know 2 gardeners who charge between £10 and £12.50 an hour here in West Yorkshire.

26 Mar, 2013


Oh blimey, that's a tough one, I always found that side of things difficult. Giving an hourly rate for 'normal' garden work was relatively easy - what isn't easy is if you have to price a whole redesign and carry out job. You can work out materials, extra labour, machinery hire, that kind of thing, but the difficult part is working out how long you think it might take, which is often variable because you don't know what you're going to find when you start the work.

I got round it because I only worked for 'average' people, in other words, not rich people, so I'd give them a rough estimate of how long I thought it would take, with a figure for the total of my hourly rate, plus extra labour, the materials, etc. So the 'labour' amount was variable, because I didn't want to over charge them, and they couldn't pay too much either, and they were happier with having a sort of ball park 'ceiling' which might be slightly more or a fair bit less. I'm not sure how useful that is in your situation though...

26 Mar, 2013


Thanks to you all for such fantastic help it has given me a lot of good ideas. Now if someone could make the sun come out I will be eternally grateful

26 Mar, 2013


Sun, hmmm, now I vaguely remember that word, can't quite recall what it means...

26 Mar, 2013


Its the thing in the sky that used to brighten our days and keep us warm,
I caught sight of it the other day but it was cold.....I think someones turned the heater off...... :0(

27 Mar, 2013


I think you're right Pam, someone needs to replace the element, lol

27 Mar, 2013


hi i lived in weymouth not so long ago charge for your knowledge do your own ideas to see what they think then think of a price do not under estimate your self good luck ))

28 Mar, 2013

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