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Hi everyone, ive just brought a crinodendron hookerianum - ( chinese lantern tree ) my question is - do i need to plant it in ericaceous soil and do i feed with ericaceous fertilizer.thanks everyone.



Ours was planted in humus rich, neutral soil and it thrived. It was the cold winters that eventually finished it off.

25 Mar, 2013


They are supposed to prefer acid soils, so I'd plant it in ericaceous compost, I think. Plants can't read, though - as Bulba has proved! ;-)

26 Mar, 2013


Indeed, they can't read, Spritzhenry. If they could they would know that they don't grow in Scotland - funny that I know of several healthy one up here.

26 Mar, 2013



27 Mar, 2013


Thankyou both for getting back to me , have you both grown these? . would love to see any pictures.

29 Mar, 2013

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