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By Jennyh

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if some one could help?

I have an Acer in a pot, which has been in the pot for at least two years. Last year it didn't do as well as the first year, so my question is do I need to re pot into a bigger pot and if so how big does the new pot need to be, also I am wondering what kind of feed I should give it?
This plant was a present from my mothering law so I can not kill it off.
Please can some one help me!!!!!!!



Hi Jenny a photo would make it easier to know if the tree needs repotting. Is this a Japanese Acer? I could give you lots of advice but unless I know size of tree and size of pot it is all academic.

26 Mar, 2013


when it comes into leaf try a slow release fertiliser. or an ericaceous type feed that youd give an azalea.
as for the pot size mine has been in a pot for 6yrs. I only ever top dress it. I remove the top 2" of compost and replace it with fresh compost and slow release granules.

26 Mar, 2013


Japanese Acers do not like to be over potted as they tend to drown. If the Acer is not obviously pot bound (roots coming out bottom) then all I would do is top dress it as Seaburngirl has said.

26 Mar, 2013


Thanks for all the replies

MG, I am hopeless at down loading pics I always have to ask my son (Lord Eyeore) It is only about a foot and half in height,and has pale green leaves that are edged in pink, just found the label it's called Acer Palmatum.

I will give what you say a try SB and KM, I have had a look and I can't see any roots protruding from the bottom of the pot.

Once again, thanks to you all for your advise!

27 Mar, 2013


Yup just top dress, the problem last year could have been the weather make sure it isn't sitting in a windy spot and, if possible, raise the container off the ground using pot feet or flat pebbles.

27 Mar, 2013


Thanks Moon Growe, will do!!

27 Mar, 2013

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