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why is a bulb called a bulb?



Because it has a 'bulb' like shape! Not sure what you are actually asking Awesome... You could equally ask why is a 'pig' called a 'pig'. This is the RHS definition of a 'bulb'

26 Mar, 2013


Because it is bulbous.

That is - "Fat, round, or bulging."

Hence bulb-shaped: Like a 'bulb' or indeed a lightbulb.

27 Mar, 2013


Which word came first though, Fractal?

27 Mar, 2013


The word comes from the Greek 'bolbos' which means onion.
Ask the ancient Greeks why they used that word!

27 Mar, 2013


lol Owdb!

27 Mar, 2013


Good question, Bulbaholic...
The answer is chicken. Or is it egg?
One of those! :)

28 Mar, 2013



28 Mar, 2013

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