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Do i cut the bulbs off my mini daffs i have inside i bought them a few weeks ago and they look like theyre dying



remove the dead flowers and if the leaves look good then give them some houseplant food. I tend to pop the pots out side in a sheltered spot to let them die back naturally. I then clean the bulbs of their dead foliage and plant them in the ground where I want them to flower next year.
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27 Mar, 2013


The foliage of bulbs does die off Nicol, and then grows again the following year. On the other hand, this does seem a little early. Are the pots in a warm room in the house; if so this is probably a bit much for them and they would be happier if the pots were placed outside. Let the foliage die off naturally and then allow the soil to dry out. The bulbs should be planted in the garden or in a pot of fresh compoast and kept 'just moist' until they start growing again.

27 Mar, 2013


The reason you don't cut the leaves off is that after flowering the leaves help to feed the bulbs for next year. if you cut them off you will get no flowers the following season, and you may kill the bulbs altogether.

27 Mar, 2013

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