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By Pugugly

Essex, United Kingdom Gb


I need some advice on how to look after my Aspidistra.




They like it warm and humid. They also like to be in a bright spot away from direct sun, although they do tolerate shade better than most. They also don't mind being potbound.

I have mine in the bathroom near a north facing window. It loves the steam from baths and showers and is fairly warm. i water it when it needs it....keeping it on the dry side in winter and give it a fortnightly liquid feed using miraclegrow from april to september.

Look out for scale, mealy bug and red spider mites.

Good luck, one of my favourite plants.

28 Mar, 2013


Mine is the bathroom too and not in direct sun. in the summer I put out it out in the garden. they are as tough as old boots. they were called the cast iron plant by the victorians as they cope with the cold too. They produce a star like flower at soil level that is a purply/brown colour. Probably pollinated by slugs according to the books but ground beetles would do the same.

28 Mar, 2013

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