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Hi, i'm after a bit of help. I am digging up my garden this year. From our patio door's out into the garden i was thinking of having decking but i'm a bit worried that because the sun doesn't touch this area at all it may rot. Thanks.



Good quality decking is already treated and can be re treated as required. I would be more worried about it becoming slippery? The manufacturers say its not slippery but we have recently had a question on here about slippery decking. This may be more of a problem if its shady as yours is?

11 Jan, 2010


quality decking timbers should be treated to prevent rotting so if you buy well it should not be a problem.

11 Jan, 2010


Hi Maple and welcome - any particular reason why you are wanting decking?

11 Jan, 2010


As long as shaded areas of decking are kept free of algae and (when necessary - ice) should be ok.....

11 Jan, 2010


Have you considered paving Maple?

11 Jan, 2010


As Denise says it can be slippery. To help stop this your decking should be put down with a good clear airspace underneath, on hard core to keep it drained and dry. A slight gap between the boards will also help. A pathway from the patio door can be covered with a fine mesh wire netting. But as MG says paving with a rough surface can also prove successful.

12 Jan, 2010


DoctorBob, has the right idear although I don't like the wireneting , first it needs to be treated and they are usualy tamalised when you get them, but I would give it an extra coat ot wood preserve, on all parts that will be underneath,as bob says it needs to get plenty of air under it, so put the surports on bricks coverd in DPC, ( plastic damp profe corse ) or even better slate, this will stop the damp rising,so with plenty of drainage no damp rising into it,and plenty of air to dry it out,with a coat of wood preserve every two or three years , it will wear out befor it rots, and built like that it should not get slippy,except for frost and then it will be the same as slabs, the gap in the boards goes without saying.good preperation equals a good job. have fun.

12 Jan, 2010


As long as you keep the decking free from algae it should not become slippery. A good scrub with a detergent or a spray with an algaecide each early autumn or spring should do the trick.

13 Jan, 2010


Thank-you so much for all your help. I'm so sorry it's took me so long to thank you all, computer trouble. Moon Grower, the reason i was asking about decking is that there is a six foot drop from the house to the garden & decking was the only thing i could think of having.

26 Jan, 2010

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