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I have just bought Persian silk tree 22cm tall and a Laburnocytisus Adamil 50cm tall,can i set them out in the garden now with the frost about ,or put them indoors a bit, and do they need watering?



I'd be inclined to keep them in a cool but frost free greenhouse until the soil has warmed up. Do you know which Albizia julibrissin (Persian silk tree) you have as some grown to 10 metres in height. Laburnocytisus 'Adamii' will eventually reach around 8 metres and, like other laburnums all parts are toxic if ingested.

29 Mar, 2013


I cannot advise on the Laburnocytisus Adamil but your Persian silk tree I would only plant out from late May to avoid frost into well draining soil.

29 Mar, 2013

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