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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

Does anyone know of a Spring (I wish!) lawn food that contains weedkiller but NOT mosskiller, please? The only ones I can find on line combine everything, and we just DON'T have moss.



I am not sure I understand what the problem is here Gattina. If you can find a feed that will kill any moss as well as ordinary weeds, and you don't have any moss, then it can't kill it so will only kill the weeds. If you had moss on your lawn and didn't want to kill it then there would be a problem but you say you haven't any so no problemo. :o??

30 Mar, 2013


I just didn't want more chemicals on my lawn than I really needed, Sarra. In the good old days, you used to have the option of buying lawn food + broad-leaved weed killer, OR those two plus moss killer. I only need the first two.

30 Mar, 2013


I think you will find that the main weed killer used nowadays is glyphosate. It will kill weeds and moss but is a lot more friendly to the environment than the old 'selective' weed killers. It is systemic and disappears very quickly not doing any damage to the soil, killing simply the plants that absorb it into their 'systems' and doing no other damage, which is why it is so popular and is actually very good environmentally. If you can find one that contains a modified (it will have to be modified or it would kill grass too) version of glyphosate I think you need not worry about chemicals in your soil.

30 Mar, 2013


I,m sorry Gattina but I don't know of a spring......... :0(
Now last year there was a wonderful one. :0)
happy easter xxx

30 Mar, 2013

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