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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Approx 3 weeks ago I bought 4 cells of Black Cherry Tomato plug plants. I potted them on after about a week and everything seemed to be fine, they all looked healthy. However, within the last 4 days all but one have rotted and flopped exactly where the stem meets the compost.
I have kept them all at approx 55-60c and always watered from underneath.
I've tipped the plants out and although the compost was damp, it wasn't soaking. There was no sign of infestation so can anyone tell me what's gone wrong?

On plant Black Cherry Tomatoes



Sounds like damping off, which is a fungal disease of young seedlings. Ideal conditions for it to spread are infection from containers that weren't perfectly clean, and inadequate ventilation, but sometimes it just seems to happen anyway. This used to be treatable with cheshunt compound until it was withdrawn. I don't know what is recommended now. Its very annoying.

30 Mar, 2013


Put it down to the horrible weather
For the first time in 20 odd years I,m going to buy plants ready to plant up and hope that the weather has improved
After the last few years.....

30 Mar, 2013


Thanks you two..the pots had been washed in a Jeyes Fluid and soapy solution prior to using Stera, so infection from them shouldn't have been a problem. I've got lots of other plug plants in the same conservatory, and they're doing fine.
Pamg, I think I agree with you to some extent, but I'm not giving up...just yet :0

30 Mar, 2013


So far so good then - hope the rest stay well and flourishing.

30 Mar, 2013


I think cucumbers are the worst, even the thought of a chill wind and they keel over

31 Mar, 2013


At 55 - 60c it,s a wonder they haven't been cooked, lol,
I'm assuming you meant F Derek.

31 Mar, 2013

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