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I would welcome advice re watering house plants.
Have bought Bromelia Premium, Dracaene marginata,
Aloe Vera, and a ?mixed foliage plant. All labels state
'need shade' - so right for the corner of my lounge.
But state 'Water frequently do not allow to dry out'
if I dunk them in a plastic box of rainwater once a week
will that be alright/too much ?
Also advice re feeding, and how often would be



Hi Diane, I think when it says "needs shade" it means shaded from full sun, as all of the plants you mention should be grown in full light, just not full sun, water freely whilst they're in growth, and feed about once a month, [the leaves on the aloe will go a reddish brown if too dry], water less when not in growth, Derek.

30 Mar, 2013


I tend to sit mine in a tray of water for a couple of hours. the aloe can go a long time with out water, it is a desert plant really so is better on the dry side.
I feed the aloe every couple of months.
I tend to use cold boiled water from the kettle.

30 Mar, 2013


Hi Diane. I have a few aloe vera plants that I've had for years. I tend to find that they don't like being too well watered - my rule of thumb is to push my index finger into the pot to the 2nd knuckle, and if it is still moist I don't water it. As Derek says I also find that if they are too dry the leaves will start to brown, but generally they will recover well. I have some on windowsills and some not, both do just as well so full light or a little shade doesnt seem to matter. I feed only from spring to early autumn, every other time I water them and just with baby bio. Hope that's of some help, sorry I can't comment on your other plants.

30 Mar, 2013


Thank you everyone. I have written all this down in my little book. My lounge is full south facing, gets a lot of sun, they are just inside so should be alright.
It cheered me up in this miserable weather, going to the GC and searching for something different to have indoors.
Grateful thanks for your help.

31 Mar, 2013

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