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Free P&P at T&M and Unwins this Easter!

Thompson & Morgan till MONDAY, MIDNIGHT, 1st April - code TWB0P5Z
Unwins till TUESDAY, 2nd April - code UEST

what's on your wishlist??!



Nothing from T & M!

31 Mar, 2013


Thankyou Irridium, Happy Easter to you..

31 Mar, 2013


I'm with Mg, Derek.

31 Mar, 2013


well, sorry you both have an aversion to T&M (not all of us have access to GCs that readily as I don't drive, so I tend to get mail order). Bought:-

pinkcurrant 'Gloire de Sablon'
Sweet Pea 'Blue Shift'
Lupin 'Sunrise'
Blueberry 'Pinkberry'
Poppy 'Flemish Antique'

31 Mar, 2013


Just make sure the plants are of a good size and in decent condition. I do not buy from large garden centres normally either but from specialist nurseries and local nurseries.

1 Apr, 2013


Thanks for the info Irridium, that's very useful and I'll have a look. It's the postage that puts me off some internet outlets but like you, I don't drive which limits one's choices. I had some Foxgove illumination jumbo plugs from T & M (bought with one Tesco voucher for £5 which gave me £15 to spend +p & p) and they have done fabulously so far in an unheated room. Worth the expense I think because they are perennial.

1 Apr, 2013


this is the second purchase i've ever made for plants (usually seed orders, i buy) and the first one was a few years back when they had mini plugs 72s, I think for pansies. bought these as i was involved with community project at the time and needed to buy in bulk and these were only about a fiver i think (on offer) and they turned up really healthy. it was a bit of a squeeze though, with my windowsills around the house!

MG: i have heard of bad stuff re. Thompson's and yet, I do want to take advantage of buying plants that i know i can't get cheaper without paying more for the delivery costs.(am living on a v. tight budget.) yes, ideally i support local businesses/british growers but w/o transport, it's nigh on impossible to get to them as they're usually out in the sticks!

ps. i am a solo gardener so i don't know anyone that fanatical as i am who'd want to take me to one and spend hours poring over every plant..!

1 Apr, 2013


I do sympathise Irridium, I didn't start driving till I was in my thirties and the options for non driving gardeners are very limited, especially if you're on a tight budget. I especially found buying compost very difficult because I could only buy the expensive small bags as it was all I could physically carry all the way home! Can't see a problem with giving T&M a go if they've got offers on and free P&P

1 Apr, 2013

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