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Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Where, in the UK can I buy aPhilodendron scandens ?
v. P. Grant

On plant Philodendron scandens



Have you looked at the 'Garden Centre' tab on this page? You might find a stockist via that route.

Or, you could use the RHS website at

Go to the 'Plantfinder', type the plant in, and you should get a list of stockists.

Finally, there's good old 'google', where you should find Nurseries who will sell it.

13 Jan, 2010


These should be quite easy to buy as they are a common house plant. You may need to try a large g centre with a good house plant section. If they don't have any ask why not!! Also, try Homebase, B & Q etc. or a florist.

13 Jan, 2010

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