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Is Honesty "Lunaria Annua" a Annaual or Biennial Plant ?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Is Honesty "Lunaria Annua" an Annaual or Biennial Plant ? Many Thanx Jacx




technically it is an annual. but seeds that germinate in a mild autumn may survive a mild winter. but once they flower they set seed and die off

14 Jan, 2010


Hi Jacque, annual honesty_lunaria annua, is biennial, hope this is what you wanted to know,

14 Jan, 2010


sorry SBG I just looked it up on wikipedia' so if it is wrong blame them.

14 Jan, 2010


Yes - sorry, Sbg - I have to disagree with you - I'm pretty sure it's a biennial in spite of its name. I have seedlings from last year which will flower this year.

14 Jan, 2010


Thanx every1 4 your help :) I wonder why its called Annaual Honesty & its a Biennial?? The Mind Boggles? :/

14 Jan, 2010


I could not find out why the annual, but what an interesting plant, the name honesty is from the 16th century, due to the translucent seed pod's,also called money plant,because its pods look likesilver coins (south east asia ) USA silver dollars plant, and in denmark and the netherlands (coins of judas,

14 Jan, 2010


Wow! Thanx Cliffo 4 all that :) Im hopeing to display my Seed Pods in my home once they have grown as i think their Beautiful :D

14 Jan, 2010


I don't know if this helps, but Lunaria annua used to be called L. biennis - and it is a biennial. Don't ask me why they changed its name...;-))

14 Jan, 2010


!!! Thanx Bamboo :) The Things we learn never stops :)

14 Jan, 2010


I sort of hedged my bets by saying that seedlings growing late summer overwinter........ I have grown from seed sown in feb and they flower may same yr. so they can be what ever I really dont mind they run riot ifim not careful :o)

14 Jan, 2010


il plant mine soon SeaB & keep my fingers crossed they do well as iv never grown these b4 :)

15 Jan, 2010

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