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By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Ive just had a look round in my back garden and i started to have a good look at my shrubs etc. Ive got a Buddleja Globosa., and ive just had a good look at it, could anyone advise me when and if u should give it a good prune.As it looks as if got a bit big especially branches growing outwards towards the lawn.I will download a picture later to show you.

On plant Buddleja Globosa



I would prune it in early Spring when the frosts have stopped. I think we should show shrubs who is boss, and I believe that very rarely does trimming or pruning harm plants when done at the right time. I'm no expert, just experienced.

14 Jan, 2010


I always prune mine in march and i'm ruthless, I cut to just above the last two buds. , and it springs back to life every year.

14 Jan, 2010


I think tulsalady might be talking about Buddleia davidii rather than globosa - globosa should be pruned (as much as you like) immediately after flowering, not early in the season.

14 Jan, 2010


Thanks for info

14 Jan, 2010

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