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I asked someone to tidy my garden and trim the bamboo. Unfortuantely he cut from the bottom of the bamboo instead of the top and now I have bare bamboo canes with bushes at the top! Help! Is there anything I can do?



Not to the bamboo, no, until more canes appear and hide the bare ones. Some people do this anyway, to expose the canes, as they like this 'look'. Why not plant something near the bamboo to hide it if you really don't like it?

14 Jan, 2010


Spritz is right, many people cut all the leaves off to expose the stems, particularly if they're coloured stems, which is probably why he did it. Wait till spring and reduce the height if you don't like the bare stemmed look, and remove some stems at the base to encourage new ones to grow. And next time you get it cut, tell them specifically to reduce the height or width or whatever!

14 Jan, 2010


Have a look at my pics. I have taken all the lower leaves off of mine as it then exposes the stems, which are black. Also you get great views if you plant something eye cathing behind such as red that will draw your eyes through the stems.

14 Jan, 2010


Hi Treesanthings....I have 3 black-stemmed bamboo in pots and i would like to expose the stems...when is the best time to do this please and how far up the canes should i go?...:>).

14 Jan, 2010

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