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I bought this plant (well rescued it) I think its a Spathiphyllum it doesn't seem to be doing very well,
Its in a North facing room away from bright sunlight, am I over watering it?

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Im not too sure if its the same variety as mine (sends up spear of a white flower)but I sort of dont bother with ours and cut back dead leaves and water lightly(yours looks well overwatered for this time of year) occassionally,and they do well.Top dress with a little compost, cut off the bad leaves right down and give light Houseplant plant feed and keep in a cool airy light location.Good luck,never leave it in water for over ten minutes as I see its in a decorative pot.

1 Apr, 2013


You've got it in the right position. I agree they do seem to thrive on neglect. Yours seems a bit lush and sappy - cut down the watering and only do it once the soil has dried out. If it should ever suffer from under watering the leaves go rather dull and some start to go yellow, but no harm done - just water it again and it picks up very quickly. I would hold off the feed for a while until it looks stronger.

1 Apr, 2013

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