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Will mice eat poppy plants? I have two Welsh Poppy plants which originally came from my Mum's garden. This weekend I've noticed a mouse at the base of the tree where they are growing and the plants look like they have been chewed! Any advice would be most welcome as these plants have huge sentimental value. I would rather not dispose of Mr Mouse but if he is eating my plants he will be an ex-mouse very soon! Thanks all.



i would imagine mice will give anything a try if hungry enough but theres so much more tasty things for mice even now ie bird feeders,grass etc . id say they more likley live there and deffinatly need killing humainly excuse my spelling .

1 Apr, 2013


I agree with Noseypotter on this. Mice will have a go at anything, once, but I doubt that they would make welsh poppies a significant part of their diet.

1 Apr, 2013


Welsh poppies often self seed too, so you might find some new seedlings in a few weeks, and by then the mouse might have other things to eat. They normally eat seeds, fruit and sometimes insects. Are you sure it was a mouse and not a vole or a shrew? Voles do eat green leaves and tree bark, they have blunter rounder faces and shorter tails than mice.

1 Apr, 2013


Thank you all - that's great advice. I've been keeping a watchful eye on him today and he seems to be eating only the husks of sunflower seeds from my feeders. Must be a coincidence that the mouse arrived at the same time I noticed the leaves having been eaten, so maybe I need to widen the search! Its definitely a mouse Steragram. I've got some seed heads I collected last year that I'm hoping to sow soon :)

1 Apr, 2013


sunflower seeds are way up there to a lot of creatures . i like them myself just a lot of faffing about lol .especialy with false teeth .

4 Apr, 2013


Hope your seeds are successful then Dirtyred.

6 Apr, 2013

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