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Orchids - Not a Question, but nowhere else to put it really


By Meanie

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Lidl will be having one of their occasional orchid deals next week starting Thursday 22nd. Will be the usual line up of NOID Phalaenopsis,Dendrobium, 'Cambria', Miltonia & Oncidium. All £5.99.
Here's a couple of examples of what can be had.....

Picture_1361 Picture_110



And, unfortunately most of those orchids will not have been properly cared for after leaving Holland. Buyer Beware!

15 Jan, 2010


Moon grower - Definately best to get there on the first day to cherry pick! The first one needed repotting as it was so big that the pot was unstable. The second one has been in constant bloom since September & is producing yet another flower spike.
The lidl business model means that they will still be in Holland up until early next week.
Pick wisely and you can't go wrong.

15 Jan, 2010


last year I bought one for a frend nither of us knew the first thing about them, with advice from the site it is still going strong,

15 Jan, 2010


Thanx 4 the Info Meanie il be popping into see what Beautys/Quality they have :)

15 Jan, 2010


I'm not so sure with our store... any plants I've seen in there were half dead the day they arrived.

15 Jan, 2010


I think most of the damage happens in the shop...there doesn't seem to be anyone watering or taking care of plants.....B&Q where i live locally dont seem to properly care for plants either...they hose the ground etc...but the plants are as 'dry as the road' as my gran used to say....Then they are sold off from the 'sick shelf' (as i call it)....Thats when i nip in and do a bit of buying...:>)

15 Jan, 2010


Motinot - we have the same trouble with our local Focus!
The manager in our Lidl does seem to have some sympathy for the plants & may have a little knowlde as the orchids are always protected from the doors.

15 Jan, 2010


In our Lidl all the plants are right by the doors so get a constant draught of cold air at this time of year. I might risk it is summer but not with the weather we've got.

15 Jan, 2010


Thank you for letting us all know about this sale, Meanie. I hope you (and us!) get a bargain.
I've bought orchids previously that had been reduced and that looked as if they might not survive, but with a bit of tlc I now have quite a collection of healthy plants. I think that sometimes you just have to have a positive attitude and take the risk. I enjoy the challenge and love it when I successfully 'rescue' a plant.

15 Jan, 2010


Thanks Meanie I will certainly be checking them out,. Mg my dad bought some last year from our local store and they are marvellous.....

16 Jan, 2010

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