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ive just skimmed off my old lawn can i put the old turf in my compost bin thanks.



You can put the old tirf in te compost bin, Strom, but it would be better used as loam ie high quality soil for use in composts etc. If you have the space, stack the turves, grass side down, in a cube. Leave it for a couple of years and you will have loam that is a thousand times better than in the little bags of 'soil' sold in garden centres.

1 Apr, 2013


Years ago this was done, a local man rented a field from a farmer, skimmed off the grass, stacked it upside down in huge heaps across the field. Two years later he bagged it up and it became very popular, known
as 'Kettering Loam.'
I remember when John Innes came in. My mother said it was better than Kettering Loam. Suppose it was because it was sterilised to kill weed seeds.
Otherwise same stuff with added nutrients.

2 Apr, 2013

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