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I have been given an Anthurium in a small pot. It has been in blossom for about three weeks and appears to be healthy enough sitting on the window sill in my kitchen, the top growth is about 30cm. The only information I have is that it is a greenhouse or hothouse shrub.
Can you tell me what care it needs (any special requirements) and can I re-pot it to a larger pot or container and what compost should I use.

On plant Anthurium



Hates dry air, so best stood in a tray which is wider than the pot, pebbles or gravel inside it, stand plant on top, keep small amount of water in the tray, but not enough for the base of the pot to be sitting in. Keep out of direct sunlight (though a little winter sun does no harm) but in bright daylight conditions. Yes, it's fine to repot, do it in March/April. Benefits from misting with water periodically too, water every 2 or 3 days just a little to keep the compost reasonably moist, but not waterlogged. Requires minimum temperature of 60 deg. F.

15 Jan, 2010

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