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I love Fatsia Japonica. I have had one for about ten years and it is still the same height (about 40 cm). It gets some morning sun and then some shade in the afternoon. It is planted near a flowering cherry tree and the soil is well draining. I bought another two last year in the hope that they would grow tall and exotic looking. Early days for them? How can I encourage growth?



They prefer moist but well draining soil. Perhaps it is getting too dry next to the Cherry tree. Regular watering and a feed would help.

2 Apr, 2013


Thanks for your answer. What kind of feeding would promote growth?

2 Apr, 2013


I use a general diluted tomato feed with my Fatsia.

2 Apr, 2013


That sounds a good idea.I don't think the dogs will try to lick that off. They do with everything else! Thanks again.

2 Apr, 2013


Mine are both growing in front of very large fir trees both are now 15 years old and grow very well. When first planted and for a few years I did have to water them but not for about 10 years. I dont feed mine but I do mulch with compost once a year, I have tall bushy plants with lots of flowers. The only problem I find is the frosts can damage the flowers but the plants always recover.

2 Apr, 2013


For starters it might be good to use a balanced fertiliser such as Growmore which has more nitrogen than tomato fertiliser - that's usually used to encourage flowers and fruit. Then use the tomato fertiliser when you have enough growth to expect flowers.

4 Apr, 2013


If it hasn't grown at all in 10 years, are you sure it's not a plastic 1, I would expect SOME growth from anything in 10 years, Derek.

5 Apr, 2013


Lol Derek. Or are its roots still curled round from being root bound when planted?

6 Apr, 2013


Hi Sue, I think if it was that, it would have either grown a little bit each year, or given up the ghost years ago, even if they're tightly curled they usually manage to put some root growth on, and get slightly bigger each year, so maybe someone is having a laugh as we try to figure out why it hasn't grown, just a thought lol, Derek.

7 Apr, 2013


Perhaps its taking its name too seriously and growing out sideways instead??

7 Apr, 2013


What a horrible thought Sue, lol, Derek.

8 Apr, 2013


Thanks to all who offered advice. Some comments made me smile. No it's not plastic! Just a poor wee runt of the litter. lol I have been giving it plenty of water and some feeding. I will post a picture if it does manage to grow this year. Fingers crossed. Thanks again.

11 Apr, 2013

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