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Julian with the un-named fir updated with a photo

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I am in trouble as there is a tree close by where we are building and the building inspector thinks it is a lelandii. However we have owned the land for a long time and it grows very slowly. What else could it be please? It is about 2m tall and it took 10 years to do that!

Img_0026 Img_0021



A photo would help

15 Jan, 2010


10 years for two meaters, it dose not sound like a leylandii not even a yellow one, and they grow a lot slower than the green,

15 Jan, 2010


I agree with Bluespruce pix. please and then we can help. Difficult to i.d. a tree with no image :-)

15 Jan, 2010


I am most grateful for the prompt replies - thanks. I will try to get a picture but it means neighbourly negotiation and it is pouring here in Emsworth! But you give me hope!

16 Jan, 2010


Photos posted! Julian, and thanks

16 Jan, 2010


Sorry no photo...

16 Jan, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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