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Cyclamen question


By Reem777

Northanmptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all
At the begining of the year I asked if my cyclamen was producing a seed pod which it seems it was.
It has now dried and released the seeds.
Does anyone have any advice on the best way to plant them, eg best compost, growing conditions etc.




Hi Reem,

Yes, they seem to get a mildewy type mould but as you say,,, just nip em off! The little round thing looks like a bulbil? you know, like a new corm forming. I might be wrong though, I'm no expert on cyclamen, but it's definitely normal and nothing to be concerned about!

15 Jan, 2010


the round structure is a seed pod. you can either remove them or leave them to swell and ripen. then sow the seed.

The dead flowers may moulder slightly but just nip them off. Mine can still be flowering in feb. about May i stop watering and when the leaves die off I then repot the corm.

15 Jan, 2010


Yes, the wee round thing is a seed pod. Chop it off now to stop the plant wasting energy on the seeds or let it (them) ripen and sow the seeds as soon as the pods start to split. If you only bought the plant just before Christmas then I would let the leaves die off and repot it in decent compost. Be careful to try and not damage any roots.

15 Jan, 2010


Ah, thanks Seaburngirl! A seedpod, not a bulbil!

15 Jan, 2010


Thanks guys, I think i'll let the pods ripen, it will be interesting to plant the seeds and see what happens.

It is still flowering at the moment but I assume it will stop at some point and as you say i'll repot it when the leaves die off,

Many thanks

15 Jan, 2010


i did a blog on my cyclamen babies. very different outcomes.

15 Jan, 2010

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