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Good morning. I left my potatoes in my plastic containers over the winter and got oaught out by the recent bad weather. The mud in the containers were frozen solid last week but are now thawed out. Are my potatoes still OK to use - or will they turn to mush?



Sorry, Onetouch, but I suspect that your potatoes will have had it. The potatoes should have thawed out by now so, how do they feel. If they are already feeling soft then they will be damaged but if they are nice and firm then they may be OK. Ultimately you will have to try peeling and cutting them. If they look discoloured then they will be for the bin.
We kept our potatoes in the shed protected by sacking. I sorted through them on Friday and threw some out because they were soft (some were very soft - ugh). The rest seem to be OK but I will keep inspecting them regulary and removing soft ones.

16 Jan, 2010


There is a good chance that they are ruined. As with many plants tubers, bulbs, shrubs etc. if they are not hardy they will be damaged. Heavy covers are of no use in very low temperatures. Although the snow has gone, frost is still in the ground 4ins. deep.

16 Jan, 2010


They're gone - go to Tesco's it's easier! :)

16 Jan, 2010


Thanks everyone for your replies. The good news is that the majority of the potatoes were OK even those in my planter. When I dug up those on my veg patch the top one or two went mushy but the rest were OK. my veg patch is in a slightly sheltered area and I guess that the snow arrived ahead of the frost , protecting the soil from the major effects of the frost.

All the best.

One Touch

24 Jan, 2010

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