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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Prunus where can I buy them about 1metre high if that,s possible need a hedge quickly .



Which particular species? I would suggest the native P. spinosa (blackthorn). P. cerasifera is a hedgerow tree but wants to be 30ft tall and takes a while to be hedged. There are others, less common. A wholesaler might still have some hedging left. What area of the country are you?

3 Apr, 2013


The one called cherry laurel ? I am in Mid Glamorgan .

3 Apr, 2013


Cherry laurel is prunus laurocerasus, widely available from wholesalers for hedging. Try and avoid garden centres who will charge a full retail price and for something that tall it might be as much as £30 a plant. If it has to be a garden centre like me, then go for something about 2ft tall, root-balled, for much less. Once established they'll grow nearly two feet a year.

3 Apr, 2013


Thank you , you have answered my question so I will go for root-balled plant,s

3 Apr, 2013


Try B+Q before you go to a large GC chain. I bought one last year but can't remember how much I paid but it was quids cheaper than Dobbies.

3 Apr, 2013


Thanks Scotish ,
Yes some of the garden centre,s want a arm & a leg for some plants I know they have overheads and such but !

4 Apr, 2013


Hi Kidsgran, I know this wont be much use to you, but I saw some today in a nursery I go to, that were about that height, they were in pots, and they were asking £6-50 each, might give you an idea of what to expect, but if you're buying a lot you might be able to negotiate a better price, {unfortunately they don't do mail order}, hope you find a nursery near you, Derek.

5 Apr, 2013


Thanks Derekm ,
The cheapest I have seen were £9-50 OH thinks we should plant cuttings of Lonicera nitra which we have a lot growing as a hedge in our garden and he thinks he can get a lot out with roots attached and they make a nice hedge once they get going .

14 Apr, 2013


Hi Kidsgran, I think that would be a better idea, it makes a nicer hedge, and is easier to keep in check, with a laurel hedge, if you blink it's out of control, lol, Derek.

15 Apr, 2013


lonicera is a great hedging plant for a sea side location. copes with the wind well and grows quite fast too...:-0

15 Apr, 2013

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