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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone tried growing their tomatoes and chillies with a hydrogrow system. Before I spend too much money on setting this up in my greenhouse I want some hands on experiences from you , not from a salesman!



I would say that if you are going in on a commerciall level ,it could save on labour, but as anamiter gardener, it will take all the fun out of growing to learn we have failers, to encorage us we must have sucess, and then there is no garante that you will do any better.

16 Jan, 2010


Growing hydroponically would be simpler than growing in soil or compost as you can control exactly what does and doesn't get into your plants. I'm not sure you would get any better a tasting tomato but you would have to be extremely careful to avoid mildew and/or blight. Unfortunately these days, in non commercial settings, hydroponics is mainly geared to the production of cannabis plants and the few articles I have read online have been about this subject. It would make a very interesting experiment but I feel the expense would outway the benefits. I will certainly keep an eye on your question and will be very interested in the views and suggestions of others on this site.

16 Jan, 2010


I have to agree with Cliffo, unless you're growing to sell I'd stick to the more traditional method which is just as interesting and challenging. Hydrogrow is to me like living on a diet of pills n' bran, all the vitamins you need but not as nice.

17 Jan, 2010


hellow Heron welcom back, hope your computer is ok now,

17 Jan, 2010


we tried it years ago and found the best results from cucumbers -- presumably because they contain a lot of water, the tomatoes were ok but I think that the flavour is better in compost. you need to be very careful to exclude all light be scrupulously clean to prevent any disease-- good fun to play with ( it was homemade)

17 Jan, 2010


Thanks Pam, nice to hear of some hands on experience, if it doesn't vastly improve the flavour or yield maybe I will stick to a grow bag.

17 Jan, 2010

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