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By Spuggy

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I sowed about 12 cobea seeds last year. Two germinated and one of those was a very frail plant. Any tips for sowing them?

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I take that you have cobaea scandens,(the fastest growing ) they should be sown in late winter or very early spring, individually, in small pots,each seed set on it's edge, and thinly coverd with more compost or perlite, cover the pots with clingfilm, to retain moisture, and put in a window propagator, germination takes three weeks to a month, once germinated move in to 5inch pots,with stakes inserted' somthing to twine on, that should take you along a bit ,if you need more info when you have dun that dont heasetate to come back.

16 Jan, 2010


I grew these last year spuggy, and even though I followed growing instructions on packet exactly, (as you recommended Cliffo),like you only ended up with one plant from two packets of seed ( purple and white forms) I too would like to know what the secret is to growing these climbers from seed ?

16 Jan, 2010


best to go to my info provider,,

17 Jan, 2010

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