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hello their havent talked too you all for a while,just wanted to know if its ok to dig a rose bush up to replant later ,its going from mums garden too her grave so it will be out of the soil for a while .do i dig as mutch soil up with it then put sacking round the bottom and put it into the green house untill i can put it on mums grave xwould apreciate an answer soon as possible thank you so mutch x

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Dwarf now is not a good time to dig anything up. The ground is still at least partially frozen and you will damage the roots. It is also not a good idea to have a rose bush dug up and sitting in your greenhouse wrapped in sacking at this time of year as the whole of the root ball is likely to freeze.

I suspect you want to move the rose because you are selling the house. Just make it clear in the sale agreement that this particular plant will be removed from the ground and arrange to dig it up when the weather is suitable. If the sale has already gone through unless you specified this you can't legally dig the roe bush up. If this is the case talk to the new owner and try to come to some arrangement.

You might find it easier to simply buy and plant a new rose bush on your mother's grave once the weather improves.

17 Jan, 2010


hi long time no talk....
if you have to lift now, it put it into a big [bigger the better] pot. but as moon grower says its rather chilly for moving things at this time of year. the greenhouse is a good a place as anywhere to keep it safe. watch it doesnt get too warm , hard to judge at this time of year though.

17 Jan, 2010

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