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By Japon

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Iv had a quote today to cut down a 30ft conifer?

£100 to cut down to ground level and dispose of the conifer. They are leaving the roots in though. Is this a reasonable price?



I've no idea of the going rate but that does sound very expensive to me! 30ft isn't that big, and if they're not even taking the roots out it seems a lot.

6 Apr, 2013


They never take the roots out, as they rot naturally.
Its £400 for a 40ft tree here.
Also depends how far away your recycling depot is, as cost of removal depends on diesel for their lorry.
Cost also includes VAT.
This is a very reasonable price.

6 Apr, 2013


After the conifer is gone and you have the additional light and space, would you feel pleased and think that was money well spent. If so, you have your answer. If you are thinking of other things you would rather spend the money on, then perhaps you aren't ready to get rid of it yet.

7 Apr, 2013


£100 sounds fantastic

7 Apr, 2013


That's reasonable. Better to leave the stump in, too, because it'll rot as D says. Plus, when the stumps are ground out, there'll be a lot of woodchip mixed in with the soil, leaving it quite infertile for a while. You think, two blokes, tree down and chipped up, in effect half a day (although it won't take them that long), as they won't get another 'half job', so that's why the charge is made.

7 Apr, 2013


I had 2 16ft conifers taken out and all stuff removed from site. £95 . so your quote seems fine. if you are worried as other firms for a quote too.

7 Apr, 2013


I agree it's a normal price. Had you thought of leaving a higher stump and using to to support a clematis?

7 Apr, 2013


I think I must be out of touch with prices, I'm fortunate enough never to have had to pay for this sort of thing. It's been interesting to read all the other replies. I took down a conifer recently that was about 18ft, took me a few days as I didn't have proper equipment, and the top section did hit me on the head when it came down, so it wasn't the safest way to do it!lol I managed to avoid a leaving a stump by cutting through the roots. It was hard work and probably a lot of people might not be able to tackle such a job themselves. As for disposal, I gave the cut up tree to my neighbour for firewood!:)

8 Apr, 2013


I did have in our last home in the uk (mid-wales) two acre's fenced off with 9 feet hedging of leyandi,
and it's something to really think about if your thinking of having such as these trees on your property,
I say this for two reasons (1) the roots can cause problems ie to drainage systems and if near to house foundations! these also,
If you are in a house close to your neighbours these roots again can spread to their property and cause damage,

(2) one more thought worth thinking about, we are all getting older and as time creeps up on us so it will on what you can manage to service ref such large tree's.

They really do grow like hell, can be the cause of neighbour disputes ref blocking of natural light and as of the time of writing this blogg the law ref such trees is still a little unclear as to height allowed to grow these tree's/hedges.
If you are having the top section removed i myself would have the root system poisoned to make sure they are dead and they do rot.

8 Apr, 2013


I never heard of them regenerating from the root though - pretty sure they never do. Love your hate mail Dungy - it needs publicising nationally! A local nurseryman told me yesterday that sales are very much down these days and people are going for other options.

11 Apr, 2013


I've just paid £180 for a line of 17 leylandii conifers cut to a 5ft height they were mostly about 20ft high but one had grown to 35ft approx. they were cut down and all parts removed I am pleased with the result now I've got people saying I've been ripped off as it wasn't my hedge it was my next door neighbours I did it with her permission .The feeling of relief at them going was enormous I've got my garden back in the summer I'll have sunlight again so it was worth every penny .

12 Jan, 2014

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