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Have a yucca plant bought from a garden centre years ago, but it is leaning and getting far too tall. Would it thrive outdoors and last winter if covered?

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What variety of Yucca is it? There are hardy ones but all need lots of grit added to the planting hole to make it free draining and a sheltered sunny spot. If it is a standard house plant then you can put it outside in summer but it will die in winter, esp long winters like this year.

7 Apr, 2013


Thanks for your prompt reply. Looks like it will have to stay indoors.

7 Apr, 2013


Kildermorie is right but i have a suggestion...if its too tall and you would like to keep it you could alway chop it.....sounds drastic. but if you saw it off about half way down the trunk it will 'fingers crossed'...regrow from the stump.

7 Apr, 2013

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