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Overhead or underground irrigation and sprinkler system? I'm recovering my large polytunnel in the spring and I want to put in a sprinkler system. Is an overhead system best (more natural, gives humidity etc.) or a drip system buried in the soil. Sometimes you want to create humidity, and counter red spider etc, so overhead seems best, but on the other hand it might be more likely to cause mildew and scorch in hot weather. Which is best in people's experience? (Please don't say install both! )



Hi I favour over head but with a timer so that it only comes when the sun has gon or is at its wekest, after all you would not water either way when the sun is full on the plants, and the plants do not usualy drink then anyway,

18 Jan, 2010


Thanks for that answer, Cliffo, that makes sense. I always do the hand watering either first thing in the morning or in the evening anyway, so would be just the same.

18 Jan, 2010


I agree Bertie, overhead is more natural and would give more humidity but as Cliffo so rightly points out timing would be of the essence!

18 Jan, 2010


rain no alway com fro sky but plnt like water fromabove, bnut it do depnd on what you grow -buzy liz eg like a wash of water pass by an no to much on leef - my thinkin is you may use both in difrent part of tunel depend what you grow

18 Jan, 2010

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