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Does anyone have experience with fuchsias? I'd love to grow Fuchsia 'Swingtime' as a bush fuchsia in my garden. It is a trailing fuchsia but some sources indicate that it can be shaped into a bush. Any ideas on how hardy it is ...... will it survive the winter (in Surrey) if wrapped in fleece?



It has bushy growth but the stems are arching so it is suitable for a basket . I grow mine in pots. It is not hardy. You would be best keeping it in a cold but frost free place for the winter. It might survive outside in a sheltered spot as long as the soil does not freeze. I keep mine in a shed and I cover them with bubble wrap and newspaper..

18 Jan, 2010


I have /had 2 lovely shrubby ones, but i forgot to bring them in before the snow. hope they can re sprout from the bottom. I cant see why it is lassed as trailing as Hywell correctly says it is more arching.

18 Jan, 2010


Thank you guys - you've been really helpful!

18 Jan, 2010


Chase, have a look and see if there may be a fuchsia society in your area? Don't be scared by the name, I know next to nothing about the details of caring for fuchsias, but joined a group here anyway because everyone is so friendly and of course they are very knowledgeable.

18 Jan, 2010

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