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By Andip

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,

Our rockery is looking a bit tired, so I'm looking to do a major remodel on it, including digging chunks out of it.

However, there's a Mouse nest in there (they've taken over the Wasp/Bee nest from the previous year).

I don't want to harm them as one of the reasons I garden is to help wildlife.

Has anyone dealt with anything like this, and if so is there any advice please?



The problem is Andip, the gestation period for mice is 3 weeks and they give birth of up to 16 babies so you could have a problem deciding when or whether or not you disturb them. We were all wild life conscious until the ones in our loft grew to almost epidemic proportions and we had to dispose of them.

9 Apr, 2013


Please take my advice and kill the mice, if not inside 3 months you will have over 2000 mice running around your garden, Derek.

9 Apr, 2013


I agree, it's not a good thing to have a mouse nest in your rockery, I think you need to get rid of them.

9 Apr, 2013


Thanks for all the advice.

I might try doing the work while my cats are with me (they usually follow me around the garden anyway).

10 Apr, 2013


Getting rid of the nest will not get rid of the mice. As soon as you start digging they will make a run for it. They are not known for hanging around people. It is quite usual for bumble bees to make their nest in an old mouse nest but I did not realise it works the other way round too. I'd just get on with the necessary work while the weather is suitable.

10 Apr, 2013

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