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I am starting a new veg garden this year and wonder whether the urban foxes that we see frequently will be a problem and if so what advice do you give.



they wont directly bother your veg and are more likley to burrow under your shed etc especialy if you make it raised so they run round it rather than over it.if you want to try keeping them out huma hair in tights hung round your garden can work or a higher canines poo like a dog put in descrete places.personaly i dont think they will be a problem and actualy i wish i could have some but i live in a small town and i have dogs . i guess they mite mark there territory so just wash your veg well. i hope i helped take care bye for now.

18 Jan, 2010


Foxes wont bother your veggie garden - there is nothing of interest for them to eat. If you were keeping hens it would be a different matter.

18 Jan, 2010


great minds think alike moongrower

18 Jan, 2010


Indeed NP

18 Jan, 2010


this is not to disagree with anyone,but being a country man all my life, I have never known a fox go into its own larder, in other words rabbits hens what have you if they are taken it is either a fox from some distance away or the local fox is desprate ,which rarely happens' just thought you would like to know.

19 Jan, 2010

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