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By Jiro

Chiang Mai, Thailand Th

I have seeds for this tree, live in Thailand, and love the shade of yellow the flowers of this tree are. The only problem is that I can't find anything online about how to grow it! Could you please help me?

On plant Cassia fistula



There is a great deal of information re Propagation to be found on Google. I have always found that this type of seed has varying degrees of germination. So other than treatment with sulphuric acid to damage the seed coat. I sow a lot of the seeds very thickly in the open ground and await the first to germinate. Much dedpends in the age of the seeds.As this is a member of the Pea Family . It is likely to do best in a well drained neutral soil. It is best to feed with a general fertilizer having low percentage of nitrogen as it makes this for itself by bacteria on the roots..

19 Jan, 2010


Hi'' were you live is ideal, it likes full sun and well drained soil,how ever the slitest frost will damage it, and it is subject to mildew leaf spot and root deseases, but it is tolerant to drought and salt, a number of medicine's are made from the fruit, one of its names is the medicine tree ,but the seeds are poisonous, the name I like best is the golden shower tree, hope that helps.

19 Jan, 2010


we posted togather Poaannua but I think we coverd most things betwen us,

19 Jan, 2010


Try: Follow the path: Fun-Jaymers Garden and then "all things cassia". This is the site I'm using this year on how to start cassias.

19 Jan, 2010


Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I will have a few pictures to post in a while.

26 Jan, 2010

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