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re The Worm Works Wormery. My worms are chewing away happily, but I am still concerned about the way the trays have to be placed so that they rest on lower layers of ready compost/food mixture which I lift gently to aerate..
This means the food is squashed, which makes it difficult for the worms to find and chew.
I will soon be putting my Wormery outside in the shade, when it warms up. Just feel I want to put some pieces of wood at the side and between each tray to support each upper tray, to prevent this squashing of the food mixture.
The sales photographs show each tray positioned seperately, not resting on the lower layers.
If I put the trays slightly at an angle the worms could escape.
Has anyone solved this problem ?



Hi Diane, sorry I can't help with this 1, I've never had a wormery, I just build a compost heap straight onto soil, and thousands of worms come to feed, so I have no idea how these things work, sorry, Derek.

10 Apr, 2013


Thanks Derek. Have found some thin pieces of strong wood, so will make some supports.
Should be ok as long as they dont have a gap to escape !
Ha ha.

12 Apr, 2013

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