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Which hellebores should have their old leaves chopped to the ground and which should not? At what time of year should they have their old leaves removed? Should it be done only if their leaves appear infected with black patches, and not if the leaves bear no evident infection? And should all hellebores be treated the same way, or are there some type which should never have their leaves trimmed right down (I am thinking particularly of 'Feotidisima' and 'Argutifolius')?
This plant in the photo is a red flowered orientalis type and quite young. Its leaves do look just slightly blackish all over.




Hellibors, such as orientalis hybrids, that flower on stems from the ground should have their leaves trimmed back 'when it suits you'! I generally do this when they remind me by looking untidy.
Those that flower from the leaf stalks like foetidus and argutifolius should not be trimmed except when they need it eg for diseased leaves.

19 Jan, 2010


Some flower from the leaf stalks and some flower from the ground ... Yes, that makes sense. I guess that would seperate hellebores into two. If I give this one the chop now, will it make the young plant grow and build up more slowly come the spring/summer, seeing as half of it is taken away?

19 Jan, 2010


The leaves on the plant at the end of Winter are generally no longer much use to the plant, so that is the time to remove them. It also makes the flowers more visible and leaves room for the new leaves. We will be starting on ours soon.
Leave H. niger alone, they are like the others mentioned and do not ned to be trimmed except for damaged leaves.

19 Jan, 2010


So the list of never-to-chop-down hellebores are Argutifolius, Feotidisima, and Niger.

19 Jan, 2010


they are the ones that i rarely do anthing to nless an obvioulsy dead/damaged one.

19 Jan, 2010


There are others too, but few people grow them and they are not easily available. H. lividus is one which should be left alone as is H.x ericsmthii.

20 Jan, 2010

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