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crocosmia and gladiolus.
i have a pot minus label [blame the squirrels] cant decide which it is so the question is : do crocosmia produce side cormlets like gladioli? I know they usually have a chain of old corms with the newest on the top.
If they dont produce cormlets around the side then these are gladioli.



I don't grow gladioli Sbg but don't crocosmia have fiberous tunics on the corms whilst gladioli are smooth?

19 Jan, 2010


some of the gladies I have grown have had a tunic similar to a crocus though, so I wasnt so sure about using that as a diagnostic. thanks for the suggestion though.

19 Jan, 2010


i always tend to find crocosmia bulbs look a lot like onion sets, whilst the galdy's are larger.

19 Jan, 2010


I think they do, Sbg - I dug out a whole lot of crocosmia last autumn, and seem to remember that they had 'clusters' of corms.

20 Jan, 2010


sadly these are small corms so size isnt a help thanks Steveb.
thanks spritz I will just have to wait for them to flower then.

20 Jan, 2010

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