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My wonderful reliable clematis montana looks as if it has died. It is about 6years old and every year has been a joy.
I have read that it coulld be slime flux and maybe cutting it down almost to ground level could save it. I wonder has anyone else had this happen, do you think I should try this or maybe just cut my losses and take it out, which I am reluctant to do. Love to hear from anyone who has this happen.



my C montana 'Elizabeth died after it had grown successfully for 15 yrs. I did cut it down in the hopes it would show signs of life. it didn't and what is weird is it died the year my daughter Elizabeth went to university.

nothing to lose by chopping it down in the hopes it will resprout.

11 Apr, 2013


I'd wait a bit longer, personally - it has been exceptionally cold for the time of year, and maybe its still half asleep. If there's nothing by the end of this month, not even a bud somewhere, then cut it down.

12 Apr, 2013


I agree with Bamboo, my Elizabeth is looking very dead but it was exactly the same last year and it recovered so be patient for a little longer and see if it does come around.

12 Apr, 2013


Thankyou for taking the trouble to answer my plea for help.
I think I shall wait a while and see. In fact all my montanas look sad ,perhaps I am being impatient.
Today in Suffolk we have had lots of warm rain and yesterday sun, so things could start to move.
I had a delivery today of two new clematis Victoria and Avalanche , so shall be busy tomorrow.

12 Apr, 2013


my montana [Elizabeth] which is about 10 yrs old, looks very sorry for itself and does have buds but only a very few here and there. It may have been the wet Summer last year and a very cold Winter and Spring.I also have large gaps in the beds where things have either died or aer refusing to come up yet!

12 Apr, 2013


I have Victoria growing through rose New Dawn. it is a wonderful clematis. My replacement Elizabeth is sprouting well.

13 Apr, 2013


I am going to put Victoria at the base of a dead but still a nice form lilac tree. I feel reluctant to get it taken out as have feeders in it which birds use . Got my clematis Abundance in this morning before the rain, have never grown that before , but looks very pretty and evergreen.

13 Apr, 2013

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