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Tricky ID unless you are familiar with Australian flora. The bark of the tree is very smooth (not much of a clue I know) and apologies for poor quality of photos. But thanks in advance for any ideas!

Australia_march_aprl_1913_039 Australia_march_aprl_1913_040



Assuming that the pink flower is a seperate plant, I would have thought that it was an Eucalyptus.

11 Apr, 2013


Looks like a lagerstoemia indica (crape myrtle) :o)

11 Apr, 2013


I think it's lagerstroemia indica, frost hardy, just. Deciduous. Wants a very sheltered spot

11 Apr, 2013


Great minds . . . !

11 Apr, 2013


'Twas the bark that convinced me. I put it into 'my pictures' and blew it up. Lovely smooth bark that flakes away in patches so you get different shades.

11 Apr, 2013


Thanks Bulba, but the pink flower is growing on the tree. We saw many Eucalyptus in Oz, mostly with long, narrow leaves (saw a Koala eating one too!). Blog soon.

Thank you Plantoholic . . . I hadn't heard of lagerstoemia indica, though crape myrtle rings a bell.

Thank you too, Worthy . . . I'm amazed. And grateful :))

11 Apr, 2013

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