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Can anyone suggest where I can buy a fuchsia "swingtime". I'd like a biggish plant ie. a litre pot. All I have managed to find are plug plants.....




This seller on eBay is selling Fuchsia swingtime for £4.99 for 6.They are very good I bought some plants from them last spring and they were perfect.

Hope this helps


19 Jan, 2010


brookside say they have them ,that's

19 Jan, 2010


Thanks Steve - unfortunately the e-Bay seller does plug plants and what I want is a good sized plant. I've tried brookside Cliffo but they don't have swingtime. Thanks for responding!

20 Jan, 2010


Hi chasecraft I don't think you will find a big fuchsia at this time of the year as they haven't started into growth yet.

20 Jan, 2010


you can only get plants as plug plants on line you need to pot them and grow them on a bit befor you put them were you want them, it is a bit early to order now but the best thing to do is when you go to these sits get a free caterlog from them, if it is in the caterloge then you can order it strate away but it will not be sent out untill they are grone enough and at the moment they are only planting the seeds

20 Jan, 2010

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