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By Chino

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me what to do with an African Violet who insists on giving birth to plantlettes. Up to now the count is three round the edge of the pot with the mother standing proudly in the middle.

Can I be callous and split them up, the home their in is too small.



You may have a trailing form of African violent (Saintpaulia) - these have a tendency to form baby plants on the tips of the drooping parts, and will continue to do so even if you remove the existing ones. I can find no information as to whether these will develop roots if pushed into compost, the usual method of propagation for these is leaf cuttings. I suppose you could try and see what happens.

12 Apr, 2013


Thanks Bamboo. I had no idea there was a trailing one, maybe I will just try one and repot the plant.

12 Apr, 2013


I've just noticed I typed 'violent' instead of violet in my earlier answer... not a freudian slip so far as I'm aware, lol!

12 Apr, 2013


Put them on the birth pill

12 Apr, 2013


Mine once produced a baby at the side and I potted it up successfully.

13 Apr, 2013

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