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What is the point of a Website which does not allow photos to be added to a question?




Had to go to update to add the picture.
I think I know what it is, but need confirmation before I tell the friend who asked.

14 Apr, 2013


A white Chionodoxa?

14 Apr, 2013


That is what I thunked!

14 Apr, 2013


I,d report it Ob, Goy has been having some technical issues of late and thats maybe another one

14 Apr, 2013


I have reported it.
Now as to the bulb, the trouble is that the leaves are far too thin for all the Chionodoxa of which I am aware. The leaves are more like those of a Moraea or a Freesia laxa (flowers are wrong for the latter I know.) Trying to get a close up of the leaf.

14 Apr, 2013


is it an Ipheon?
pretty though.

This lack of photo thing happened to me last sunday. I reported it that night but the 'boys' said I was the only one they had heard from so thought it was me.

So if it is still happening then tell the boys by the 'contact us' button at the bottom of the page.

14 Apr, 2013


Had another look at the leaves and we find that the thickest of the ones on this plant are the same as the thinnest ones on my plants so Chionodoxa luciliae alba it is.

14 Apr, 2013

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