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rhododendrones - Hi everyone, just a quick question about feeding these plants- as i was feeding my other plants today with ( blood fish and bone) was wondering if it ok to also use this on my rhododendrones?..thanks.



They really need an ericaceous feed Bluemoon

15 Apr, 2013


but generally it wont do any harm. However as MG says an ericaceous feed is best. Arthur Bowers do one formulated for these and azaleas. Don't know if it is any good though, I assume it is.

15 Apr, 2013


i do feed my rhododendrones with ericaceous feed - just was wondering if this would also benifit them. thanks for your responces.

15 Apr, 2013


Hi Bluemoon if you are already feeding your rhododendrons ericaceous feed then blood fish and bone is superfluous.

15 Apr, 2013

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