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Is it possible to grow anything under a seven foot hedge.
It does not get a lot of sun. At the moment the lawn backs on to it.



Not a lot will grow under it but if you dig a border in front of it you shouldn't have a problem. I have one in front of a 6' hedge and most things grow well in it.

15 Apr, 2013


I also have tall hedges and I have lots in the border bed that backs onto it. the hedge runs along the south side so it never gets any direct sun. You might find them in my 'shed bed' tagged pictures.

I have several shrubs then [off the top of my head] Helleborus foetidus, several hosta, pulmonaria, ferns, dicentra, spring bulbs.

hope this helps.

15 Apr, 2013


The reason nothing's growing to near your hedge is because the hedge roots are feeding off what 's there in the ground, Most people never dream of feeding a hedge but if you do give the hedge a feed of manure you'll see a difference,
Ive a photinia "red robin" and every october it gets fed.
The further you plant away from the hedge the better your plants will grow.

15 Apr, 2013


I've found one of the blogs showing some of the plants.

hope it helps.

16 Apr, 2013

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