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Corydalis ID

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I know its a Corydalis but can any one suggest species [flexousa?]and or variety. Morrisons was selling it at £2 but the label just says Alpine. It had to come home with me.




That's strange SBG, I've just been looking at all your plants and was rather taken with your Corydalis. I've not seen them before. Sorry I can't answer your question but are they all alpines? They will be on my next shopping list!!

15 Apr, 2013


They do tend to be a smallish [height] plant and depends on the size of the alpine bed [or mountain], rockery as to whether they would be suitable. C cheliantha would be too big for my little rockery, but Beth Evans is fine.

15 Apr, 2013


I think that flexuosa is as good a guess as any, Sbg. Could be an un-named seedling.

15 Apr, 2013


Felxuosa China blue ?

16 Apr, 2013


I have china blue and it has a lot less white on the lips.
I suspect it will just be a natural variant of colour too BA. But I live in hope it is extra special.

16 Apr, 2013


It is a new variety - Corydalis flexuosa 'Seaburngirl'.

16 Apr, 2013


now that is so tempting BA, but some how I dont think it will be allowed. I bought 2 so I will see what the other one looks like when it flowers.

16 Apr, 2013

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