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Identity of Conifer Hi everyone


By Jasonf

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Identity of Conifer
Hi everyone. I've had this conifer for over 10 years in a container. It's relatively slow growing. However, I've absolutely no idea what it is, conifers not be my strong point. Any ideas anyone?




Looks like Skyrocket juniper being kept well contained because it is in a container and hasn't been fed.

16 Apr, 2013


Its juniperus communis, and probably the cultivar 'Compressa', if, as you say, it's that old.

16 Apr, 2013


Thanks MG, but I'm afraid it's not Skyrocket. I know that one, and have always hated it, so I definately would not have bought it.
As to Compressa, Worthy, it may well be. Would it help if I took a close up photo of the leaves, or are you sure?

16 Apr, 2013


Definitely a juniper. We grow juniperus communis 'Hibernica', Irish Juniper, which look very much like this.

17 Apr, 2013


If, as you say, you've had it ten years and it's only that big, then it's J. com. 'Compressa'. Hibernica is more open in habit. Compressa's tight knit, very dense, and may only get two ft tall by six inches wide after twenty years or more.

18 Apr, 2013


Thanks Bulb and Worthy - it's certainly about 6ins dia, but it's probably about 3ft tall. It's been in the same tub all it's life, although it has been fed with a variety of fertilisers.
I'll try to have a closer look this week; take some measurements and a camera closeup. Thanks though, we certainly seem to be narrowing it down. Cheers.

21 Apr, 2013


Please see the new closeup of my conifer. I've also measured it as 6" x 42". As I say, it's been in a container all it's life, probably bought in 2002. Hope it helps. Thanks.

22 Apr, 2013

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