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I have just taken out my alstroemeria plants from the garage where I overwintered them and they have white shoots on them as started to grow in there. Should I cut these shoots off or leave them on?



Leave them on, expose to filtered light and they will green/red up and be fine. I left mine in a well drained pot all winter outside and have leafed up already.

17 Apr, 2013


I have left mine in the ground for the last 2 years, they're just coming up now, nice and green, but it only got down to minus 10c this year and last, Derek.

17 Apr, 2013


I don't lift mine and they seem to come back every year ok. I didn't know you were supposed to lift them so that is why I don't. Mine are in a sheltered spot though so that could be why it is ok.

19 Apr, 2013

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