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Hi, can someone identify this plant for me please? And tell me if it will eventually produce some sort of flower?
I'm a gardening novice but it just looks like a bramble- type plant to me. So I could just pluck it out of the ground and plant something else in its place.
Many thanks.

Dsc02212 Dsc02216



looks raspberry ish more than bramble in the first picture. but if they are thorn i can see in the second photo then yep brambleremove it all unless you uits.want the fr

17 Apr, 2013


Thanks. Yes, there is indeed thorns of the stems.

17 Apr, 2013


I find these in my garden but they can become a nuisance think birds must drop the fruits so they grow, they can be hard to get out! So unless you want brambles I'd get rid I'm afraid.

17 Apr, 2013


And the roots have growth points on them so you need to remove all of the root as well or it will regrow from below ground.

18 Apr, 2013


And also if you allow any of the shoots to touch the ground they will root at the tip, and start another plant growing, Derek.

18 Apr, 2013


Thanks everyone. I pulled it out of the ground this afternoon. I think I got all of it out, I'll keep an eye out in the next few weeks just to make sure.

18 Apr, 2013

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